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PHPB2B site framework (PHPB2B) is a project taking into account PHP and Mysql database to open source MVC structure based B2B exchange entry e-business site Station framework, the framework code is finished, open source, full-included, fine structure, give a decent client experience, multi-dialect based and administration stage, is constructed B2B exchange gateway, the best system.

At starting in 2007, PHPB2B has been focused on industry B2B e-trade and the advancement of open source, has discharged rendition 1.0 to 3.3 and different projects, ceaselessly enhance the procedural structure, to include framework usefulness, setting aside a few minutes get to be one of the soonest open source B2B is the most open source clients.

PHPB2B framework with the framework highlights include:

MVC thorough procedural structure: the framework utilizes Smarty layout motor, the partition of formats and methodology, database operations, you can rapidly and effectively make layouts;

Rich information call Tags: framework accompanies many Web website information call name, through which content marks, joined with layouts, you can rapidly and productively design the Web webpage information;

Corporate top-level space, two area names, and full control of static destinations, chairmen can without much of a stretch accomplish more out of sight operation;

Interface institutionalized by DIV + CSS plan, clear structure, diminishing correction time, the length of some basic changes to CSS records can be re-outlining another look of the site.

PHPB2B has the elements include:

License reconciliation

Goes through the mix with the prevalent Discuz discussion and Ucenter place for correspondence, in order to give more trade locales, to build site perceivability;

Part self improvement Station highlights

Framework accompanies various arrangements of individuals (endeavors) layouts for clients to pick and introduce basic, simple to utilize;

Effective Control Panel

Utilizing the administration console, you can bunch survey, adjust, erase the greater part of the data submitted gathering, and design email, Web website data, segment and geological district, and so on.;

Multilingual backing

Support multi-dialect capacities, just in the dialects registry, include the suitable dialect record and the symbol, you can switch at the front work area to accomplish different dialects;

B2B rich modules

Framework not just has the free market activity data, portfolio, brand, value cites, cite, organization libraries, display and other regular B2B capacities, and improvement of the expert business sector, industry Wikipedia, the enrollment of expert B2B stage highlights;

Capable storing

Framework gives a database reserve, record store, reserve highlights, incessant utilization of the reserve after the information has significantly enhanced the site with vast measure of information access speed;

Encourage the administration and distributed of publicizing

Simple advertisement administration, and calls, you can include pictures, content and Flash picture revolution types of publicizing, a back bolster promoting and publicizing editorial manager;

part business data administration stage

Business Room is to give individuals from administration items, free market activity, where corporate information with business data administration, item data administration, corporate data administration, data administration and different business capacities;

Distributed free market activity for the guests with free data and other data put together by expert business sector

Regardless of the fact that not an enrolled part, you can distribute data, and the system has a title rehash identification naturally, to evade duplication of data;

To give moment interchanges between individuals from utilitarian

Assembled QQ, SKYPE, YAHOO, MSN, and station message so the connection between the reception of easy to use Web webpage for more data.


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