Draw a glowing lamp using SVG


Glowing Lamp with SVG

To draw the lamp shown in the above image, we need to draw an svg circle and apply the filter effect GuassianBlur to the circle. Applying GuassianBlur to the circle will give an impression of a glowing circle. The SVG code of a filter applied to an SVG circle is given below:


In the above code we have applied an svg filter to a circle and we can see a nice glowing circle with a black background. Now we need to draw the support system of the lamp using svg path element and attach it to the glowing circle. The SVG code of the support system is given below:


In the above SVG code we have two svg paths, one path is stringSupport and the other is lampString. A radialGradient is applied to the stringSupport and an svg filter (id=”stringFilter”) is applied to lampString. Now let us join the two parts to make a glowing lamp.








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