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Choosing the right hosting service for your online business is very a crucial and important part. I have tried quite a few hosting service providers both free and paid in the past few years for my websites. The first hosting service i chose for my very first website was Mochahost and i had a horrible experience with them. Although, the website i hosted with them was very lightweight and had very little database interaction but still it would take forever to load my website’s landing page. I contacted them about the issue a few times but the problem remained unsolved until i quit their services for good. Mochahost used to charge me with $9.99/month for their hosting services.
After my experience with Mochahost i came to know about free web hosting service providers and i wanted to try it for one of my websites. The free hosting service i chose at that time was 000webhost, it is still there on the web and you can try it if you want to. I had moderate experience with 000webhost, it was just fine hosting a non-business website with them. I was not expecting to make any money from the website i was hosting with them, i just wanted my website to be available on web and my website was loading fine on a free webhost,

actually it was loading better then the website i hosted with Mochahost. But then one day i received an email from them notifying me about their system being compromised and that i needed to change my account credentials immediately. In the email they apologized for the mistakes on their part and promised that they will deal with the situation and be better in the future which i think was very honest on their part but if you are going to host your business website with them then that would be a bad idea i think. It is good to try them for a non-business website like hosting your portfolio with them or something like that.



Recommended Web Hosting Service:

Now let’s talk about about my recent experience with an awesome web hosting service Hostgator.


I have a business plan with hostgator for which they charge me with $13/month but talking about the quality of their service, i think this is $13 well deserved. I have unlimited bandwidth, i can add unlimited domains and my website loads super fast. The cpanel of hostgator has many useful features and is easy to use. I can send 500 emails per hour, which is more than i need at this time. Their support chat will keep you waiting for a few minutes because of high volume of chats with customers, the average wait time is 14 minutes but once an operator starts chatting with you, it’s a very friendly conversation after that. The operators really try to solve your problem if it is in their hands. My overall experience with hostgator is very good and i strongly recommend it for serious business websites.

Based upon my personal experience with Mochahost, 000webhost and Hostgator, i will advise you to avoid mochahost at all costs, use 000webhost for non-business websites and for serious business sites give hostgator a try.


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