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Neobux is a paid to click service site and it’s called the king of ptc. If you do not know about it already you can read more about it here.

Is NeoBux Using Bots For Clicking?

Is Neobux using bots for clicking? Let me answer that question after doing a little analysis. The cheapest of click packs available at Neobux is a Micro Exposure click pack (2500 clicks + 2500 AdPrize) for $5. Neobux pays its users 0.001$ for clicking on a Micro Exposure Ad which means that for 2500 clicks on a Micro Exposure Ad Neobux pays $2.5 to it’s users and keep the other $2.5 for itself which looks like a legitimate business model and the clicks on an advertisement are not fake but are real people.

Analyzing the referral system of Neobux

Now let us talk about the referral system of Neobux, does that look like a legitimate business model? There are two types of referrals Direct Referrals and Rented Referrals. Analysis of rented referrals system is easier to do and easier to understand, so let us do that first. You can rent 25 referrals for a month for $5 and let us assume that all of them click their advertisements, you earn $0.54 per day which means $16.2 per month. You are in profit, your cost of renting referrals was $5 and you made $16.2 which means your profit is more than double the price of your cost. The only thing NeoBux is making money from are the advertisers who pay Neobux for showing their advertisements and half of the advertiser’s money is already given to the clickers itself. Neobux will have to pay for the rented referrals clicks from their share of money, do they look like a charitable or non-profit organization to you? Would they would do that? Surely they won’t, so yes the renting referral system is completely fake and the clickers are bots. Another proof of their fake rented referral system is the fact, that they pay $0.005 for a rented referral click and $0.0005 for a direct referral click. Why is the commission for rented referral click more than the commission for direct referral click? It’s because they completely control the rented referral system and they can award a higher commission for that but they can not award such a higher commission for direct referral system.

Analyzing the direct referral system

Coming to the analysis of direct referral system now. You referred a friend to neobux who is clicking his advertisements, neobux is surely grateful to you but how grateful it really is that’s the question? Let us say you have 1 direct referral and he clicks all of his advertisements, how much money will you earn from your referral? You will earn only $0.002 from your 1 direct referral which is the money neobux can spare. So, yes the direct referral system looks legitimate. Neobux can show you that much of gratitude for your referral. But then again there are a lot of complaints where people claim that neobux stole their direct referrals, so it is very much possible if you have hundreds of direct referrals and earning very good money, neobux may block you or steal your referrals and you can not do a damn thing about it. You can not tell the truth in their forum because they will block you if they find out that you are talking against them.

Does neobux pay the money you earn?

Thank God, they do that. They pay you the money in your account balance that you have earned by clicking advertisements or doing minijobs. I got paid a couple of times but that was a very little amount, i guess that’s all one earn at neobux.

Does neobux pay the money you deposited to advertise?

No, once you have deposited money to advertise with them then there is no going back. Either advertise with them or forget your money.

Is Neobux Cheating?

Yes, Neobux is cheating as they are not completely honest about their business model. In fact, you can never recover the money you pay them to rent referrals, I never did. If you paid $5 renting some referrals, you will make $4 or may be $5 but not $6 or $7. Neobux will confuse you with the click patterns of your rented referrals. They will get the money back from you that you earn clicking advertisements and doing minijobs by cheating you with their renting referrals scheme.


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