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Professiona Web and Application and Growth Hacker


Hackers in Pakistan

I have been working since 2008 in IT sector, I have learned programming and marketing, I started my career as Web Designer, I Designed a game environment and then I got interested to learn programming to participate the game as developer, I started on c++, OpenGL and flash scripting then after some time I moved to web programming PHP, I worked in different CMS in start, most common were, wordpress, joomla, Open cart, MyBB, andy so on. Then I joined an IT company where I worked on core OOP based custom Framework I found the frameworks very efficient so I decided to move on core PHP, I practiced on OOP in PHP and after some time experienced the Different Framework. When I left that company I joined a company that was based on one man show, so I wanted to prove my self all in all. I took responsibility from design to development and then to market the product. Marketing was a quiet new and interesting for me. I learned basics of SEO and after practice I realized the SEO is not the thing we work like patterns, this thing brought a good change in my self, I started search and I found many techniques to marketing the business, I know this is not very easy today in such a comparative marketing, Perhaps I was late. then I used my programming skills to write script and bots. Now I am practicing them and hence I have been ranked number of products. I want to teach all these skill to any one with no profit.


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