PkHackers hacking News: Alistair Brownlee TUE document disclosed


Twofold Olympic marathon champion Alistair Brownlee has turned into the most recent British competitor to have therapeutic archives made open by hackers.

Records show Brownlee was given a restorative use exclusion (TUE) for the medication acetazolamide, which helps glaucoma and elevation ailment.

Brownlee affirmed the medication was given in October 2013 “to treat height disorder while climbing Kilimanjaro”.

The documents of 19 different competitors were distributed by Fancy Bears on Monday.

What are restorative use exclusions?

A TUE permits a competitor, for medicinal reasons, to take a recommended substance or have treatment that is generally denied.

English competitors must contact their national overseeing body or take after Ukad direction before applying for a TUE.


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