Will Advertising With Neobux Help Your Business?


Neobux is a very famous paid to click service site, it’s called the king of ptc. People mainly join neobux to earn money by clicking advertisements and by completing mini jobs. Although the money most of people make from neobux are just pennies but still it’s a very busy site and is very successful in what it does. Apart from clicking advertisements, users can also buy clicks with their neobux account balance, Paypal, Payza, Skrill or Neteller balance. Different clicks packages are available for different prices. Once you have bought a package, the number of clicks will be added to your account and then you can submit your advertisement to neobux for review. If the review team approves your advertisement, then you can start the clicks campaign for your advertisement. After clicking the start campaign button, your advertisement will be displayed on neobux for users to click on. With each view, your available clicks will get less by one until there are none left. When you have used all your clicks, your advertisement will be shown no more on neobux until you buy more clicks by paying them.

Does neobux advertising helps?

The user conversion rate on neobux greatly depends upon the content of your advertisement because most of the neobux users are there just to make some money so if you are advertising some money making schemes, lotteries or programs then there is a possibility that you may get a very good conversion rate but if you are advertising some thing completely irrelevant like an educational website or you are hoping to sell something then it is very likely that you will be disappointed with your overall user conversion rate from neobux.

Why stay away from neobux advertising?

First of all if your website is monetized with google adsense program or any other advertising network, then you should stay away from neobux advertising because you may get banned by the advertising network for bringing low quality traffic and not organic traffic to your website. Low quality traffic hurts advertising networks a lot so stay away if you are using one. Secondly, if you are looking for high quality traffic on your website then you should avoid neobux but use google adwords instead, to get you the users who are really looking for what you offer.

My experience advertising with neobux

I wanted to check neobux for conversion rates, so i decided to advertise one of my websites there. It was a money making related website so i was expecting some conversions from neobux advertising. I used $36 overall to buy some clicks for my advertisement. I got approximately 27,500 clicks for $36 and after all my clicks were consumed i had 35 people registered on website. So i got one user for approximately $1 and it was a website related to money making. So, if you are looking to advertise something completely different over there, then you can expect an even lower conversion rate.


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