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How to set up your text structure

Think before that what you are trying to write. Take a piece of white paper and write down on what you want to write about. This may be any topic of your article. Set up a text structure, before you start writing and focus on that structure while writing your article. Modifying the structure of your text can perform following these three steps:

Step 1: Create a list

If you have gathered all the information you want to use in your article or blog post, you may start with structuring. You can firstly list down all of the topics. You should just make some kind of list of everything your text should cover.

Step 2: Bundle Up topics together

If you have a clear vision on all of the topics that you want to describe in your article, you start to make bundles of your topics. Topics which are similar should, definitely, be discussed together.

Step 3: Arranging topics in proper order

If you have bundled  up your topics, Now you should decide upon the order you want to explain the topics in your article. Mostly you decide to order according to the theme. For example, if you want to describe different aspects or views of the main topic of your blog. You should then write every aspect in a new paragraph.

SEO copywriting trainingNext to ordering according to theme, you could also order chronological or discuss your topics in a didactic order. Especially when you try to explain complicated material, a didactic order, in which you explain easy stuff first and difficult aspects later could be a very good idea.




Table 1: Types of ordening
Type of ordening
Thematic ordened on theme, aspect, topic
Chronological old- new
Didactic easy – hard
Problem- solution(s) introduce problem first and then possible solutions


After you have successfully arranged the topics in proper order, you want to explain in your article, you must make a new list. This list is actually kind of a summary of the article you are going to write. You could write a  few words for short sentence for every paragraph you planed to write. This list facilitate as the skeleton of your article. Keep it very well in your mind during the remainder of the writing process.

Making of Paragraphs

If you have done with your text structure and have bundled your topics together, You can now start writing your paragraphs. But what is the thing that makes a good paragraph? A paragraph can be defined by three major things. Remember these things during writing your blog!

  1. A paragraph should form a thematic unit.
  2. A paragraph contains one core sentence and an elaboration of this core sentence.
  3. A paragraph should be made visible (by using whitespace).

Most of people make mistakes while writing passages. Content Writer just put some white spaces in their text on different places for aesthetic purposes, but they don’t think about the structure and coherence of the text. I also notice a lot of paragraphs containing only one sentence. In many cases, the coherence within paragraphs and between paragraphs are not clear. These blunders can really mess up the structure of your blogs.

Does a length worth for good content

It doesn’t matter that paragraphs are short or long. The length of a passages is decided by the theme you are writing on. It may be two sentences, but a passage could also contain 15 sentences. For writing on websites, we would like to advise you to create short paragraphs (between 6 to 9 sentences).

For content on websites, we advise you to start your passages with the most important sentence. Then describe or elaborate on that sentence. A reader will be able to understand the most important text from your topic, just by reading the first sentences of your paragraphs. You can conclude paragraph with a detailed sentence to make your point more clear to readers.

Use of Transition words

In order to guide your reader, you must use plenty transition words. Transition words (also known as signal words) leads your readers. These words show the reader that you are detailed (and, too), comparing (less than, rather) or concluding something (thus, consequently, hence).

Table 2: examples of transition words
Type of relation Examples of transition words
enumerate and, first of all, also, another, furthermore, finally, in addition
cause because, so, due to, while, since, therefore
comparison/ contrast same, less, rather, while, yet, opposite, much as, either
conclusion as a result, hence, consequently, therefore, in conclusion
fuzzy signals seems like, maybe, probably, almost
emphasis most of all, most noteworthy, especially relevant


Using those transition words, will be like adding cement between your sentences. Transition words represents to your readers, the relation between paragraphs and sentences.

If you don’t use transition words, it can be difficult to correct texts you have already written. You must use transition words whenever you are explaining or enumerating. Also, use signal words in your conclusion. Help people to understand the main message from your content.


Headings pays most important role for SEO purposes. Google uses your headings to analyse the topic of the content on your blog or website. Your headings should be used to optimize your article. However, headings are important for your readers as well. Headers make your readers easy to quickly go through your text and to decide whether or not (or which parts) they would like to read your post. Headings should be attractive and should cover the content of the passages.

You can use a header above each paragraph, or above a number of paragraphs which contain same topics. The headers should express the structure of your content. I advise you to put a header above every long paragraph ( or above a few short paragraphs which are thematically similar).


Arranging a structure for your blog post will effect in better understanding of the message of your post. If people grasp your message, they would like to share your post on social media or buy the stuff you have to offer.

Taking some time to think about a clear content structure before you start writing, is a very important step. While writing, think about the structure of your paragraphs. If you follow these rules your content will be understandable and readable to your audience (also if your writing style is rather crappy).




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